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Employee Benefits Simplified

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Providing Employee Benefits...

  • Boosts Employee Retention

  • Is More Affordable Than Giving Raises

  • Develops Employee Loyalty And Increases Productivity

  • Many Benefits Come At No Cost To the Employer

First Pencil Benefits Makes the Process Simple And Easy. Book A Call Today And Let's Have A Conversation On How We Can Safeguard Your Dealership.

Talk To A Specialist Today And You Could Qualify For $10K In Benefits For Each Employee At No Cost!

“Just like taking care of your car in the garage ensures the car will take care of you on the road, taking care of your employees ensures they will take care of your dealership."

Why Adding Employee Benefits Helps Your Bottom Line

The cost of replacing employees can often exceed 50% of their annual salary, with job post advertising, onboarding, training, and lost time. Adding benefits is a low cost solution to keeping your workforce engaged and loyal.

Attract The Best Workers

Nearly 70% of Employees are Reviewing their benefits options. Employers who rated their benefits plan as very good, saw retention jump 90%

Increase Productivity

64% of Employees With Great Benefits Report Being more productive and engaged. with a cushion to the financial impact of out-of-pocket expenses, They can focus on

Best In Market

70% Said They Are More Likely To Recommend Their Employer When They Have Great Benefits.

Payroll Deducted Benefits

Make sure your employees are happy and healthy without spending extra money by offering benefits that come at no cost to the dealership. And, if you want to , you can give extra money to make these benefits even better!

Term/Whole Life

Individual term and whole life policies. Individual life insurance offers the freedom to determine the financial protection your employees need based on their own personal needs.


If you experience a covered accident or injury, accident insurance provides a lump-sum benefit that can be used to help you pay for out-of-pocket expenses, such as doctor bills, co-pays or emergency room fees.


Cover income for people who need to take time away from work because they are unable to perform job duties due to an illness or injury.


Dental is the most requested benefit from employees to employers, very much for those with young kids. Also offering dental to your employees can cost your company nothing.


Cancer insurance is a type of supplemental health insurance that provides financial assistance to employees who are diagnosed with cancer, helping to cover costs of treatment that are not covered by traditional health insurance policies.


Used in conjunction with a traditional health insurance policy, gap coverage helps cover additional out-of-pocket expenses like deductibles and copays to avoid significant medical bills to prevent financial hardship for your employees.

Employer Paid Benefits

Invest in your employee's well-being with Employer-Paid Benefits, where the dealership shares the cost of these essential products with the employees.

Major Medical

Our option can be made for your 2 man company to 2,000 man company. Your employees can keep seeing their preferred doctors and get access to the best care possible. Get diagnosed and prescribed medication by phone, computer, or mobile app.

Group Life

Protect your employees most valuable asset with generous guaranteed issue limits at affordable rates. Can be offered through employer-paid or payroll deduction.

Protecting Your Showroom

Your dealership garage liability policy provides specific coverage that an umbrella policy won't.

Garage Liability

Designed to Protect Your Entire Garage or Auto Business — People, Property, and Operations.

Dealerships save big with First Pencil Benefits

Customized benefits that fit your company's needs and budget

Savings Without Sacrifice

Top quality benefits at a fraction of traditional insurance.

Modern Tools For Your Team

Smart tools that integrate seamlessly to make your life easier.

Simple To Understand Benefits

So easy you can have benefits within 24 hours. Our experts will walk you through every step of the way.

Still Have Questions? We've Got Answers.

How many employees do I need to qualify for a plan?

Currently, First Pencil Benefits can serve businesses with a minimum of 2 employees

What if my dealership already has insurance?

Not a problem, we just need to see your “trade-in” just kidding. We need to know what your currently have so we can structure the best value to you. You obviously missing something or you would not be here. Are your paying too much? Feel like your upside down in your insurance? Lets talk.

How much does this cost?

That is up to you. If may cost the dealership nothing, or the dealership may voluntarily pay half the cost. It best to learn what your goals are.

I'm just here for garage liability

Not a problem contact us, we need a DEC document, that is a document that shows us what coverage you have now. We shop it for you and see if we can lower the rate to a carrier locally to you. 

Cruise Motors couldn't keep their sales staff despite offering

competitive compensation. So they introduced a comprehensive benefits

package from First Pencil Benefits, that including health, life,

disability, and dental benefits. The sales team became more engaged,

motivated, and performed better, resulting in a 30% increase in car

sales. The benefits package helped retain sales staff and attract new

talent, improving the dealership's reputation and revenue. The

ownership realized that taking care of their employees was essential

for the success of their dealership.

Dealerships Are Talking About

First Pencil Benefits



I have had nothing but good experiences with them and honestly no bad to report. I highly recommend getting in touch with them if you want to retain your staff. Having benefits has protected my sales staff and stopped the turn over in service.



When my agent came back 6 months later to check on us she was very professional and did not try to “sell me” but instead guided me through increasing my coverage to best suit my current needs. Terrific experience they are great with people and would recommend to all. Their claims service process is the fastest I ever experienced.



First Pencil showed me that instead of commission increases, I could save money by just offering benefits to my staff. This helped me keep overhead lower. Now I have sales staff from other stores asking to come to my store.

First Pencil knows the car business. They know the benefits and speed we need to keep our staff. That keeps us selling and servicing more vehicles each month.